Specialist & General Hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapy Specialist: Utilizing hypnosis to achieve therapeutic outcomes for your benefit.
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Specialist & General Hypno-therapist

Chris Melly

Registered: (DTS) Dementia Therapy Specialist (USA) Dementia Doctor (UK)

Specialist Hypnotherapist Mossel Bay

I first became interested in hypnosis thirty-six years ago, after seeing a stage show. Realizing I could use hypnosis techniques to help you, means achieving my own aspirations of helping uplift you to overcome your challenges and realize your own dreams. As a Specialist Hypnosis Practitioner; I will help you use hypnosis for those exact reasons.

My interest in stage hypnosis has never exceeded the learnings, which I can get from some of the excellent techniques that some of them use and then combining that for your benefit.

After having qualified and practised for a year or so as a Certified parts therapist, under the tutorship of Claudia Klein and Roy Hunter (USA), I came across Dr Dan Nightingale who works in the area of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurological conditions. This being an area which has afflicted members of my family, immediately caught my interest. I contacted Dr Dan and he kindly agreed to train me in this field, at the same time I completed my case studies for my Cht qualification which I had done 2 years before.

In a recent conversation with a friend and medical specialist, he mentioned that how hypnosis works cannot be scientifically proved but continued to say that the results and effects have been proved scientifically. He continued to point out that he would never have been able to complete his degrees without using hypnosis. This is much like saying we can’t prove the wind because we can’t see it but because we can see it’s effect and feel it, we know it exists.

My goal is to be able to reach all those in South Africa who need the help. By no means a small task but yet all things are possible. There are so many questions regarding universal consciousness and spirituality that any person would spend their entire lifetime and only get a very small amount of the answers in the end. 

I believe in the code of ethics that I swore to uphold when I joined the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy (SAIH), a copy of which is proudly displayed in my practice for all to see. Whatever you come to see me for, it will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

If it matters to YOU, then it matters.

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