Specialist & General Hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapy Specialist: Utilizing hypnosis to achieve therapeutic outcomes for your benefit.
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Alleviate Chronic Illness Symptoms & General Health

Alleviate Chronic Illness Symptoms & General Health

This category encompasses so much it’s impossible to mention them all. Instruct the subconscious to seek out sick cells and replace them with cells that are perfect. This can be achieved when the illness is due to a subconscious belief. Many illnesses are born out of a fear that an illness may befall you, it sets off a chain-reaction, causing you so much stress that ultimately your stress and fear can lead to you experiencing the symptoms of such an illness. I can help reverse this effect.

In other instances, I work in conjunction with your medical physician, to help alleviate your symptoms of a chronic illness. In the last instance, please ensure you bring a letter from your physician to insure to me that I will not be contravening any of his/her own treatments of you and that he/she is aware that you are seeing me. This is a very important factor and can not be skirted around, nor would I feel comfortable with doing so. A medical physician includes psychiatrists or psychologists and any circumstance that you are on any form of chronic medication prescribed by any of the above. There are many instances where doctors or psychiatric therapists work in conjunction with hypnotherapists for the benefit of the client/patient.