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Hypnotherapy Specialist: Utilizing hypnosis to achieve therapeutic outcomes for your benefit.
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Questions & Answers ( Q&A )

  • Q:    Why do I need to come for more than one session?Q&A

A: The first session is where you and I will get to know each other a little better and enable me to find out more about the reason for coming to see me so that I can deal with it from every angle. It doesn’t help if you come to see me to help you to stop smoking for example and then leave chewing sweets instead. This merely replaces one problem with another. The other reason is to introduce you to hypnosis slowly so that it can be a positive and relaxing experience for you. Most times when a hypnotist takes you into hypnosis quickly and deeply the experience can be frightening and counter productive.

  • Q:    How many sessions will I need to attend?  Q&A

A: That is impossible to answer as it depends on the nature of the issue, but in general three.

  • Q:    Why are the sessions spaced out a week apart?Q&A

A: Whilst I realise that you would like to get it over with as soon as possible, there are normally underlying causes to a problem and it is seldom that it is actually what it seems. For example if you want to stop smoking. Why did you start smoking? Do you still see those friends you started smoking with 20 years ago or are you left with the habit that came into being so that you could be one of the crowd which has since broken up and never see each other any more? What about the other habits you have developed together with this one? Actually going into a shop and buying the cigarettes! What about what you are going to do with the hand and fingers you are so used to bringing up to your mouth? Okay, so I hypnotise you and give you the suggestion that every time you smell cigarette smoke you will feel sick. Now you go to a party or have friends over for a braai or even worse attend a business function and someone lights up. What are you going to do now? My aim is to assist you, not turn your life upside down. When we have finished, the above scenarios have no negative effect on you.

  • Q:    How successful is it?Q&A

A: Whilst no one can ever guarantee success (not even your doctor) I will say that the method and script that I use has proven itself time and again. Unfortunately though other outside factors sometimes do interfere and those I cannot do anything about. For example, a month after having become a non-smoker you end up in a huge fight with someone and they say that they are so glad “THEY MADE YOU STOP”, so you go and light up to spite them. I know that’s a silly example but it has happened. No one could have foreseen that and the method and script did not fail but at the end of the day this means that it isn’t one hundred percent fail proof. Another example is someone comes for smoking cessation when they don’t want to give up but are being pressured by loved ones to do so. Now they can turn around to those other people and say, “well I tried”. It is for this reason I have to be sure that you are actually committed.

  • Q:    Why the homework?Q&A

A: The journal is needed in order to try and cover all the triggers that cause you to smoke. If we leave out a trigger it may have the effect of you reaching out for that smoke you are so used to having when that scenario happens. It is actually an extremely important part of the therapy.

  • Q:    Will you notify me if you have a cancellation so that I can come see you sooner?Q&A

A: Yes, it is to both our benefits.

  • Q:    My doctor recommended that I call you.Q&A

A: In cases like these, please have your doctor call me or write me a referral letter and I will prioritize your appointment.

  • Q:   Why choose hypnosis … as opposed to other methods? Q&A

A: Your subconscious mind has all the answers and nobody knows you better than yourself.

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